About Us

At the September 2009 National Gathering, a national vision statement was adopted. It reads:

We are based in congregations around the country which are connected to immigrant families and communities who are facing the possibility of separation through deportation. We are together because we are engaged in an authentic and passionate faith-rooted response to that suffering. We respond as a hospitable and welcoming community to those immigrant families and communities, and we respond prophetically to the unjust system that cause their suffering (including unfair trade policies). We are committed to amplifying the voices of these families so that they can be heard by those whose decisions affect their lives. We seek to encourage immigrant families, transform and deepen the commitment of congregations (particularly those congregations that would not typically advocate for immigrant rights) and promote the vision of a society characterized by a culture of hospitality. In all this, we draw from the wells of an ongoing movement of people of faith committed to justice.